Unconventional Study Tips


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I’m all set to graduate from college in less than two months. Along my journey as a student, I’ve picked up a few tricks that help me stay on top of my classes. I realised that most study tips that I found online may not work for everyone. Everyone learns differently and one method that seems to work like magic for one person, may not work for another person at all. Before implanting any study tips, figure out what kind of learner you are. You can take a free quiz here.

Here are a few unconventional study tips that have really worked for me and helped me throughout college

  1. Make a list: Always have a list of things that you have to do on you. Take this list everywhere with you and add tasks as and when they come up. This list can be in your bullet journal, planner, or it could be a simple notepad. Having a list of things to do written down gives you perspective on how much work you have.
  2. Break down tasks: Remember that list you made earlier? Use that to break down the tasks you need to do when you sit down to study. Have no more than 3 things to do in each study session.
  3. Note taking: Most people recommend that it is more effective to write notes by hand than if you typed them out. Don’t blindly stick to this advice. Do what works for you. Personally, I type notes for classes which require me to summarise and remember a lot of information and hand write notes for other classes. Doing this helps me save time and frees up more time for revision before exams. Use the trial and error method to figure out what works for you.
  4. Tweak the Pomodoro: If you don’t know what the Pomodoro method is, you can read about it here. Tweak the Pomodoro method to suit your attention span. For me, a forty-five minute study session followed by a fifteen minutes break works best. If you have a longer attention span, try increasing your study time and break time from the 25-5 minutes rule.
  5. Don’t study for a day: Yes. You read it right. Your mind needs some time off to rejuvenate and recharge. Have a day in a week or two where you don’t do any schoolwork but focus on yourself and taking care of your body and mind. If you’re like me and feel guilty for not being productive, read a book, or catch up on your language learning, or practice some handwriting. These are not school related but are still productive activities.
  6. Make a time-lapse: if you tend to get easily distracted while studying, use your phone to record a time-lapse of you studying. You are less likely to do other things when you’re making a video. Even better, make a study gram and decide to upload your time lapse every time you study. This will make sure that you don’t act on your distractions while studying.
  7. Put on some makeup: It really helps me to sit down and get work done when I “dress up”. It increases your confidence and hopefully makes you feel like the girl boss that you are! So get out of those PJs and dress up to study once in a while.
  8. Buy new stationery: Who doesn’t love new stationery?! If you find yourself in a study slump, splurge on some new stationery that you would really want to use. This does not have to be anything fancy. Depending on your budget, pick up a new pen or some highlighters that you love. This will make you want to study just to use the stuff you got!

I hope these tips were a little helpful. What do you do to stay focused while studying? Let me know! Follow me on Instagram for regular study and lifestyle related posts.